Welcome to Genève Rando

Many people arrive in Switzerland either not knowing French or lacking the confidence to use their basic knowledge learned many years ago in school.  

Genève Rando welcomes people of all nationalities.  Our organised hikes and snowshoe outings permit those taking part to interact with other members or simply enjoy nature and everything it throws at you at all times of the year.  The language used on the hikes is French and a non-French speaker can pick up basic French very quickly this way.  English speakers are to be found on every hike and so it is impossible to feel left out.

The level of hikes is from easy to medium and the estimated length, height difference and difficulty are indicated in the descriptions.  Hikes can be one day, a weekend or several days long.

But GenèveRando is not just another Geneva hiking club.  Founded in 1973, we are now part of Suisse Rando, which is charged with maintaining and improving the network of official hiking trails in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, ensuring a uniformity throughout the whole region. There are 65’000km of official hiking trails in Switzerland, compared to 71’400 km of roads and 5’100km of railways.  A dedicated team of GenèveRando members is responsible for the 350 km of footpaths in the canton.

By becoming a member of GenèveRando you not only benefit from the programme of outings, you also contribute towards the maintenance of the footpaths used at some time or another by all hikers and mountaineers.

Irmgard Flörchinger, president